Innovate UK Grant Awarded

Citizen Sector are thrilled to announce the award of a Innovate UK Grant to develop their "WeGotYou" app and website that lets people give and get help from their local community in order to stay at home safely during the COVID-19 crisis. Dubbed “the uber for helping people,” WeGotYou aims to provide vital infrastructure to support organised volunteer groups and individuals continue to help those self-isolated or sheltering as more and more volunteers head back to work with less time to assist those in quarantine.

This timely award will allow the team to put the beta version through its paces, including field-testing, iterative development, debugging and strategic partnerships to extend the reach across more communities and areas both in the UK and around the world.

WeGotYou is a diverse team working across the globe to deliver an internationally available app, which promises to be a valuable tool in the near future with likely intermittent lockdowns that could last for years to come in our “new normal”.

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