Connecting volunteers with neighbours stuck at home

Whether it's getting help for yourself or someone you know, communities around the world are there to support people stuck at home. Through our website and app, neighbours, friends, family and mutual aid groups can offer to - and ask for - help.


You, or someone you know, needs their groceries done, something collected or more. This is NOT a place to get medical help.


You can help your neighbours get their groceries done, fetch them something or more.

We Got You helps people unable to leave the house due to COVID-19 get the help they need from their local community.

How to get help

Whether for yourself or someone you know - in your area or across the country - you can get help from local volunteers.

1. Create an account.

2. Make a request.

3. WeGotYou will try and find someone to help. Please make sure you've read our guidelines to stay safe.

How to offer help

Help requests - for things like groceries or having a chat on the phone - come through to the WeGotYou app. Please download it now.