How does WeGotYou work?

1. What is WeGotYou?

WeGotYou aims to help reduce the demand for statutory, charitable or organisational support - and to make it as easy as possible for neighbours to help one another get what they need quickly. The app hopes to supplement and assist the incredible work already going on at a local level, including through mutual aid groups, to get help to those isolating and help volunteering activities scale through the use of digital tools while acknowledging the most vulnerable are not always online. Crucially, WeGotYou allows people to get help for others, outside their own neighbourhoods, such as a parent living in another part of the country of an elderly neighbour up the road.

2. How can I GET help for me or someone I know?

You can GET help through the WeGotYou website (not in the app, which is for giving help). Users can make requests for help for themselves or someone else, such as collecting shopping and medication or walking the dog. If you want to GET help, go to the WeGotYou website now.

3. How can I GIVE help?

You can GIVE help right here through the WeGotYou app! Click the "requests" tab after reading this briefing AND the safety briefing. There, you'll see requests for help closest to you, allowing you to take immediate action.All the requests you've "taken" are stored in the "profile" section under "your requests."