What do I do when exchanging goods?

  1. First, don't enter someone's home. All exchanges should be made without seeing the person directly (though a friendly wave through a glass window is fine!).
  2. Tell a friend or family member where you are going and let them know you'll text them after as well.
  3. Arrange to call the person you are visiting when you are outside the door
  4. Public transport should be avoided where possible. If unavoidable, disinfect items being delivered.
  5. Disinfect any surface that will be touched by the person you are delivering to where possible.
  6. Absolutely deliver the goods in a bag.
  7. Put on (fresh) gloves AFTER you've rung or text the person to let them know you're there (so you don't transmit anything that might be on your phone). If you have hand sanitiser, use it before putting on the gloves, to further reduce this risk.
  8. Leave the items outside their door and step back at least 2 metres before you indicate they can open the door.
  9. Take your gloves off, without touching the exterior of the glove with your bare skin. This protects you from virus transmission if delivering to an already-infected recipient.
  10. Leave, after washing your hands with hand sanitiser for more than 20 seconds if possible.
  11. When you get back, wash your hands and disinfect items you have used. Wash those gloves too.